Quick Checklist for Smart City Readiness

For a successful and self-sustaining implementation of Smart City Project just like any other project, it is all pervasive that few important criteria are met with. An indicative checklist is presented herewith so that one can quickly assess the readiness of their institution for Smart City Project.

 All the applications have meaningful Graphical Display of vital information.

 You are able to look at the information from all the different applications on a single canvas.

 You are able to view relevant data from all the applications in real-time.

 The information can be presented from different applications so that it can be correlated easily.

 Critical data is presented so that it stands out automatically from the normal data.

 The applications provides the information only at relevant schedule/time automatically.

 You are able to access important information from your office as well as field.

 You get notifications of critical alerts anywhere you are in realtime.

 All the applications are capable of projecting reports to Video wall of the control center.

 The important reports from all the applications are emailed to on schedule.

 All the officers in institution are able to monitor applications of relevant domains.

 Various reports of the applications can be easily shared on the public facing website.

 All the application dashboard are capable of being customised as per end user requirements.

 All the application reports can be automatically viewed in presentation mode.

If any of the above checkboxes remain unticked and you wish to have that feature so that your Smart City initiative can be implemented in the proper perspective and you can have complete command of the institution, then SmartDashboard is the solution that you should be looking for.

SmartDashboard answers each of this concerns and more very elegantly so that you and your officers have full control over their domains and only on their domains anywhere, anytime and in realtime. It may be as a desktop monitoring station on their laptops or smartphone, or as a dedicated control stations or on video walls of your control room.

SmartDashboard extends your legacy applications by not only providing them with a customisable dashboard solution but also adding to them email based reporting, alerts and notifications of critical event, capability of being embedded to the websites and more.